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FuturePlan Lighting • 773.506.1256

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        For additional information regarding lighting products, a free lighting audit, a lighting retrofit, or PowerGate Lighting System or GrayBar Leasing information, please contact:

        Chicagoland Area:

        Pat Mills-Sullivan

        Phone: 773.506.1256

        email: patmillssullivan@futureplanlighting.net

        or  info@futureplanlighting.net


        National Office: 

                    FuturePlan Lighting

                    1433 W. Leland

                    Ste. 1W

                    Chicago, IL 60640


                    Email:  info@futureplanlighting.net

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FuturePlan Lighting asks:

Are you presently cutting

your lighting costs up to 70% ?

YOU CAN (very easily)!

...and without a decrease in your monthly income after a lighting retrofit, easy leasing and/or the install of our optional  PowerGate Lighting Control System.

In fact, at the end the day, you could gain impressive savings every month with just the more efficient lighting lamps and ballasts.  Standard inefficient lighting in the market today will be phased out in 2012. 

FuturePlan Lighting is a ComEd Smart Ideas Trade Ally for your business program. 

FuturePlan Lighting is available to visit your company site(s) for a free lighting analysis to determine how much you can potentially save on monthly lighting costs.

FuturePlan Lighting will work for you to help your business capture wasted utility dollars. Please call us at 773.506.1256 or email info@futureplanlighting.net today.