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Testimonials are from and by permission of the PowerGate patent owner.

FuturePlan Lighting is a Service Trademark of FuturePlan Energy, Inc.

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CHICAGO ILLINOIS (June 1, 2011) Lakefront Roofing

Supply is a 50,000 square foot retail warehouse, sheet

metal production workshop and storage facility. FuturePlan

Lighting (formerly LightSwitch USA), contracted with

Lakefront Roofing Supply, Inc. to retrofit their existing

outdated, and inefficient lighting fixtures with new energy

efficient lamps, and electronic ballasts.  FuturePlan

Lighting also implemented a lighting design with dual

technology sensors throughout the facility.  Conservative

calculations on energy saving indicates $23,000 annual

savings and $230,000 over ten years.  Lakefront Roofing

Supply is now saving approximately 30% to 35% on their

electricity consumption and costs for lighting.

INCENTIVES:  In addition, with ComEd’s Smart Ideas for

Your Business,  Lakefront Roofing Supply received a $35,000

cash incentive for participation in this lighting retrofit program. 

Those incentive dollars were deducted from the overall project

cost of $108,000, and resulted in a lower investment of $73,000. 

(See chart below.)  All commercial lighting retrofit projects are

eligible for cash incentives through the Smart Ideas for Your

Business program.

Lakefront Roofing project capitalized on incentives for (1) a

high-performance and/or reduced wattages, (2) speciality light-

ing, (3) fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballast, and (4)

permanent lamp removal and occupancy sensors.  Additional

incentives from ComEd’s Smart Ideas Program include a variety

of lighting controls.  This entire project was financed by Graybar

Financial.  Here are the numbers:


Labor Material, Disposal, Sensors                              $108,000

Utility Incentives (est.)                                                   35,000

Other Incentives (est.)                                                             0

TOTAL PROJECT INVESTMENT                           $  73,000


Fixture Energy Savings                                              $  23,000

TOTAL SAVINGS                                                    $  23,000            Annually


Annual Return on Investment                                                                      50%

Simple Payback                                                                                       2 years

Cost of Waiting (per month)                                      $    1,916

Cost of Waiting (annually)                                         $  23,000

Annual R.O.I. with Rebate                                                                      131.6%

SAVINGS                                                                  $230,000                Over 10 Years


CO2 Emissions (lbs.) Prevented                                                            632,418 

CO2 Emissions (tons) Prevented                                                                  316

Fewer Cars on the Road Comparison                                                             55 permanently

Number of Trees Planted Comparison                                                          937 

*Based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA assumptions - All savings

Testimonials on Lighting Retrofit

and PowerGate®     

        An Indiana utility company was presented with information about PowerGate® and the benefits that they could gain.  The utility was told about a state-of-the-art new technology with unlimited control features that can save 20% while the lights were on.  The utility company explained that they just completed a retrofit from 3 lamp T12 to 2 lamp T8 and there was no way to gain additional savings.

However,..the utility company agreed to an installation demo on 6 circuits.  Their own engineering group later went through the system with a fine-toothed comb.  After seven months of testing the engineers concluded that the PowerGate Lighting Control System performed as we said it would and made recommendations the system be installed throughout the entire facility.  And it was.

Previously, the lighting engineers relamped 2,000 light fixtures every three years and kept 1,200 spare lamps in stock for lamp maintenance and would use them in the three year time frame.  PowerGate has been installed for almost four years, without a group relamped and has needed only 30 lamps for replacement.  This is a strong indication that the “Plug In” PowerGate System, with easy software, increases lamp and ballast life.

Though the utility company cannot authorize a direct testimonial, it will allow visits to its facility to see and learn more.  Simply call FuturePlan Lighting at 773.506.1256 to request a visit and/or more information.


The Base Operations Contractor Energy Management Project Integration Office completed a field test of your technology at various locations for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center.

It found that:

The system reduced Kilowatt consumption by an average of 27.5%, with minimal effect upon Power Quality and power factors. In addition, the operating temperatures of both the ballast and lamps were significantly reduced, providing for reduced operations and maintenance costs. When the system was combined with a group relamping program, there were no noticeable reductions in light levels. The units operated nominally with all the demonstrated lamp/ballast combinations. They exhibited superior performance with relatively new lamp/ballast combination, which corresponds with your recommendations.

EG&G Florida, Inc.

Independent Testing Company


We are pleased to update you on the successful performance the technology across our worldwide plant operations. Since the installation we have dramatically reduced our global lighting energy consumption by 25% throughout our 37 plant locations.  High Intensity Discharge lighting systems have demonstrated extended performance and we have experienced much fewer maintenance issues. We look forward to achieving future benefits while continuing to positively impact our environment.

Jabil Circuit, Inc.

Electronic Solution Company


We are continuing to save approximately 25% of our lighting

energy cost.

Even more impressive, after having the technology installed for almost three years, is the drastic decrease in the amount of ballasts and lamps that we are having to replace. I would estimate that our lamp replacement is 75-80% less since we have installed the equipment.

Grubb & Ellis

Parking Garage

Testimonials on Lighting Retrofit and PowerGate®

Retrofits for

replacement lighting

has had a major

impact on the

bottom-line costs

for many companies.

The addition of the PowerGate® System

delivers total savings

of up to 70%.




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Glen Alkemade, Owner quotes:

    Not only have we replaced old fixtures with new ones that consumes about half the energy, we are actually eliminating dozens of old fixtures.  And, we have far superior performance into the bargain.  My warehouse used to look like a cave, now it feels sunny and spacious.

    We’re seeing asubstan-

tial drop in our lighting energy costs.